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you look like i could use a drink's Journal
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Monday, November 5th, 2007
1:34 am
New Blog
Sorry everyone, but I went ahead and made a new blog. At least in that one, I'll attempt to write more, hopefully less personal wah wah crap.




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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
3:38 pm
new blog
I don't know if I should keep with this blog because I started another one for the podcast I wanted to do with some friends but it never worked out cause Corey and Justin suck and should die. Also I ramble on and on and do not make sense anyways, haha.
I still want to make one though, but maybe I need to have more of a focus. But this is beside the point, I don't know if I should keep this lj because I would rather have a more "professional" blog. That sounds very silly of me to think that I could pull it off but it would be nice to talk about issues more legit-likege, and discuss my major and my growing fascination with primatology. I would also like to make my skepticism views a little more important as well.
But I have a feeling that I would end up maybe having one post about monkeys and then fifty on how miserable I am or how much I hate this or that, which isn't professional, or in not that, very clever/interesting.

Would you cats read it if it were on a different site? Your thoughts please.
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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
5:03 pm
I'm at UCLA right now. It's kicking my ass and everyone here is younger, and really smart. I went from being the youngest and one of the smart kids at community college to the exact opposite.

I'm not sure if I'm liking anything. I only like the BASS club I'm in and the challenges of my classes, but other than that I feel terrible. I am hating pretty much everything and do not feel happy at all.

What sucks is that in my attempt to not be a conceded ass I've become too selfless. Not like, oh I'm so altruistic, but it seems that in order to have your needs to completely overshadow my own, you need to simply interact with me. Basically I've turned into that person that will let you walk all over me if it will make you happy. But saying all this makes it seem like this is directed at specific people or something, which it isn't, I just don't know how to put it and I'm pretty sure that this doesn't make any sense.

I hate people, and UCLA has a lot of people, so this really blows and it feels like how it did at the beginning of high school. I switched districts so all my friends went to one school and I the other. Only now I'm 40 minutes away from where I live, and have no car. The car comparison would be the same as my parents driving me back then...whatever.

There's got to be a way to say that I hate it here but I don't hate what here is...like, I like UCLA but UCLA doesn't like me, like I'm allergic to universities or something. I'm miserable and have no one to really say it to, which is always the case when I start posting these types of entries in live journal.

Maybe I should link to the club I'm now also an officer in, http://www.bruinskeptics.org/index.htm
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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007
7:36 pm
I got my grades back and I think it's safe to say that the well known emotions: sweet, (as in, "aw, sweet!") meh, ("meh, I knew it...") and wtf? (literally, double-you tee eff ? not, what the fuck) and bummed, the act of being bummed out.

Biology 41-B

Biology 41 Lab-B

Editor's Training-A

all meh


English 3-A

all sweet!




Physical Anthropology-B

This one I was bummed out about because Anthropology is my major and I got an A in the other two Anthro. classes I've taken. Getting a B is still good, but yeah, I know I was close to an A and I hate to feel kind of annoyed with my professor because he was so scatter brained and did not teach, without keeping in mind that we all learn differently, in a very efficient manner.

But then it's like wtf with my Stat grade, I thought at the very most I would get a B in the class and all of a sudden I get an A? This would be the first A I have ever received in a math class, and this is also the most advanced math class I've taken, so yeah...

Anyways, I got my housing information from UCLA, I'm gonna live in the Sunset Village plaza with only one roommate and a shared bathroom. HereCollapse )is what the site shows as an outline and I'm glad that I won't have two roommates so this poor guy is forced to get along with me, instead of just ignoring me with another roommate. Forced is a very key word in that last sentence considering how creepy it is that I wrote it...Anyways, I need to get all my info corrected and filed and so on and try to get in touch with their Disabled Students Services Dept. and hopefully get a job with the school. But really I just want to buy dorm crap and pick out what I'm gonna take with me.

So I'm just working at school, I'm gonna take Trigonometry starting next week because I need that to get into Physics classes, which is now my new interest, hopefully that class won't end horribly.

annnnnnd I posted new photos on my Flickr page, some of them are old ones I never got around to editing, like this,

http://flickr.com/photos/nationofjoe/ LOOK AT THEM!
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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
10:59 pm
This feeling of, pride I suppose, kicks ass. I messed up in high school, got humbled a whole lot and did this rare thing, I got my shit together and now I am for sure going to UCLA next fall, and I am for sure gonna experience the cliche college dream in the dorms and whether or not my perceptions based on college movies and undeclared, oh god, let it be like undeclared...

I cannot wait to move out, it will be awesome because I know that I am not mentally mature enough to live on my own and that sounds like it would be lame to me right now. A major plus to leaving is that I can take ONLY want I need. Hopefully my packrat mannerisms will be left behind with all the crap I have piled up in my room, I am only gonna bring the most important things up with me.

I so want to make a list of what to bring now, this kicks so much ass.

I was thinking of seeing what reaction I could get from my roommate if I just showed up with a duffel bag and took out only my monkey looking at a skull statue and a stack of the sleaziest porn mags. That's it.

Here's the closest example to my monkey statue, this one is a little more elaborate and painted,

I think you can use your imaginations for the stack of porn.

On a side note, whilst looking for an image of that statue, I found this photoCollapse ) which made me crack up out loud. I love that photo, especially taken the way I took it in, which is completely out of context. Context is making a funny thing unfunny.

Anyways, yeah so the cool new thing is to start posting in your lj after not doing so for a while so I started reading a cluster of old high school people's journals and such and love the fact that they all used to bother me so much and not seem so, so sooooooooo stupid that I actually feel good about myself. And that's what pretty much spawned this post. If you got nothing out of it, at least that awesome monkey picture was made known to you.
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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
12:25 am
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Friday, April 27th, 2007
5:13 pm
i still have a lot of crap to do this summer so this entry isnt the start of a consistent journalege run in the near future.

i still have no time to do anything period since im taking 20 effing units because it is a dirty lie that JC takes 2 years. theoretically, that would mean 15 units a semester, while being just one class more than being a full time student, that also relies on the fact that your assessment tests placed you in transferrable math and english.

because i assumed that my ap english scores over road my oddly poor english assessment score (poor spelling perhaps?) i did not take english until i retook the test and scored into eng 1, and only now am i taking stat, a transferrable math.

I got accepted into UCLA though and im very excited about that, but im doing horrible in stat and barely have a C in that class. if i do not get a C or higher i will not transfer. I am doing well now, and i know that ill probably pass the class, but i havent gotten a C since fall 2005. My gpa is a 3.5 and so far, looking optimistically at my other classes i think my grades will go as follows:
Bio: B
Bio lab:B
Stat: C
Eng: A
Journ: A
Ph. Anthro: A
and Logic: A

auugh! ill cont. later...
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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
10:40 pm
March is known for only one thing
March Mustache.

I figured that's important enough to post about in this here journal, I will not shave my upper lip until April or keep it. But ill only keep it if it looks beautiful.

yeah, http://www.mustachemarch.com/ more info about it.
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Monday, February 19th, 2007
6:27 pm
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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
3:44 am
i know i know i never write anymore but between school and work and running out of money yeah, it sucks.

i have like 3 to 3 1/2 hours of sleep a night and only sleep during the weekends when im not working, which work blows but its nice knowing that im one of the few people who knows what hes doing there, plus any other job i take after this one, know matter how bad it is will be nothing compared to what they do to me at this job seriously.

this might be the first semester i get a 4.0, and considering im applying to uci, ucla, cal berekley, uc riverside, csun and csulb that would look pretty sweet for me.

i guess the last two bits of news would be that i shaved my head like a month ago and that i got a new 17-50mm f2.8 and and i voted! this election was probably the best election to start voting in because it was the most ive ever seen democracy actually kind of work, people were sick of republicans in the majority, so they actually voted them out, fucking bizarrrrrrre.

lastly, math rock rules, everyone needs to check out 31 knots.
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Thursday, October 5th, 2006
1:19 am
i shaved my head and such, this was over a week ago though, i havent posted in a long ass time though

yeah, its pretty possible that ill go to uci or cal poly next year, id prefer uci but cal poly pomona is a good school so yeah.

tomorrow i have no school and work and its weird not having really anything to do, i like school and wouldnt mind going, but anyways i hate work still.

theres a picture of me and my hairlessness that i need to get soon so yeah ill have that up.
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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
2:28 pm
fucking sweet, i just found out from this japanese foreign exchange student at my school that Envy are going to be playing on aug 19 in la and i found out from branko that please inform the capt. this is a hijack are releasing a new lp, sooooooo stoked.

and to make it better my beautiful girlfriend got us tickets to see asmz on the 22nd and thats gonna be kick ass.

i love Maeve so so much, she is my bestes good friend and listens to good music and is smart as hell and is sooo freaking adorable.
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Monday, July 17th, 2006
2:55 pm
ok i applied to the classes i want for fall 2006, here they are:

Archaeology, Math 130, English 1, Political Science, Intro to Film and if i can figure out the overhaul system at my school, newspaper editor.

so my weekly schedule will be:

Mondays: 11-1:30 Math 130 and 7-10 Intro to Film

Tuesdays: 1-2:30 Archaeology and 3-5:30 English 1

Wedsdays:11-2:30 math 130

Thursdays: 1-2:30 Archaeology, 3-5:30 English 1 and 7-10 Political Science

Fridays: No School

i pretty much made it so i dont work thursdays and mondays but on thursdays if i take editing again ill have four classes on thursdays so that will suck a lot.

at this rate i have a year and a half left of cc if i want to go to a UC and a year if i want to go to a CSU and seeing as how EVERYONE says that UCLA is better for grad school and they wont except you if you went there for undergrad so maybe ill make it cheaper and go to a csu or go to uci or ucr because they except winter transfers so yeah, fall semester will be 19 units but it still seems like it will be a lot of fun, and im taking 3 classes all together this summer and after 1:30 im really bored until i go to work or my other class on tuesdays and thursdays so yeah i want a lot of classes.

im glad ive already got and paid for my classes, i dont have to worry about them for the rest of the summer.
with the top floor
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
2:40 pm
I realised i wrote a crapload and im wasting time when i should be doing my sociology hw, a class i need to study more and focus more on if i want to get an A in the class and should probably write a quick summary why im happy with my life right now despite my hating everything and why i have a truely wonderful downright decent gal to call my girlfriend.

GRUNIONS! i finally went on a grunion run last night with Maeve and it was pretty much awesome, i hope to do it again soon or next full moon.
Maeve is so awesome and she went with me and we caught a whole bunch of them and then set them free and discussed grunion knowledge with a little asian boy and his grandma. i bet the whole act would be a lot better with more grunion runners with us but my phone is dead for some reason so i might not be able to call upon more friends to come with until august.

anyways below is something about teachers that turned into a half an hour in the making rant so read if you want, i should put it in an lj cut so youll read it cos come on, we all love clicking on lj cuts.

but no!

well this is pretty cool, i got an A in my speech class, so so far since spring semester i havent gotten below a B. I really wish i just got a B in my Brit History class, i think thats the second time in my life i can ever really blame the teacher for my grade, deep down i know it was probably my fault some way or another with the 4 teachers i had that i got bad grades in their class and didnt like and thought it wasnt my fault. ill make a list with the last one being the worst:

mrs. ohta, she was my 7th grade bio teacher, she was a bitch and only like 5 kids got As on her test out of like the 30 something kids in there. the only way everyone got better grades was through busy work she gave out. the worst thing is that when i complained about her to my mom she called her and left an angry message right in front of me when i begged her not to. the rest of the year i got the most sallow look and answers/responses from her auuuuugh, i got a C though.

ms. seaton, was the teacher i started this journal with, she just talked and talked and talked, i guess this was my first real only lecture only test class i had in college because i didnt like the fact that she wanted me to right her test essays like english essays instead of the ap essays i had to write for all the history classes i was in. but in the end she was really nice to me at the end of the class and i should have played her game to get better than a C.

mr. hamilton was a pompous dick, and probably came to class stoned. worst of all he was a total creep and always called on the cute seniors and juniors in out class and like talked to them all hitting-on-underage-girls-like, creeeeepy. plus he was the kind of teacher i disliked, i hate it when teachers try to pass their views onto students, i think teachers should be subjective and always show both sides, i dont need to hear whiney hippie rants from teachers, i hate liberals who act like neo cons about liberal views, it makes legit liberals look bad. worst of all i hate explaining that i am left wing after these rants because hippies and neolibs are up there with rightwings on my large list of extreme morons (which now that im in a ranting mood, maybe ill bitch about later.)
anyways, sorry about that tangent, the worst part is i did get a bad grade in his class, he gave me a D even though i was under the impression i got a C. I would like to think that he caught on to me thinking he was sleazy but more than likely it was because of the truth, i turn in some animal sculpture i was supposed to make, i hate it when teachers make you make sculptures for their classes so they can look good on open house.
the worst part is, i wanted to like hamilton but he didnt like me and he was like ive stated many a times, a perv, and their were some left wing things that he said that i couldnt help agree with. The one i cant think of was not at the time (cause i think for the first half of sophmore year i was for the war in iraq) but his views on not going to iraq for war and that its fine to have an SUV if youre gonna need/use it for offroading and hauling heavy stuff but not if your some fake tan broho.

Lastly the one teacher that i disliked the most and got a bad grade from is probably the most justified hatred for and the best yet is she totally got what was coming to her.

Ms. Huffman was the easy AP English Comp, teacher while i cant remember her name but their was a really hard teacher of the same subject that at first everyone who had Huffman was happy to have. She would have days were we just read our assigned book the whole hour and a half and she would spend other class periods talking to the popular (mind you i thought they were pretty cool chicks but they were still scene as popular) girls about girl stuff like winter formal dresses. She was pretty much ignore our side of the class and give everyone As to show that she was competent. the problem is that people get suspcious(sp) when everyone gets As so she chose me cause i was a loud talking ADD (both of us were unaware of the ADD at the time to be fair) guy that she never heard of and decided to pick on me and she gave me a C in the class, which i have never gotten in an english class ever and (ever since then as well) and yeah she was mean, ill try to find the drawing i made way back when i was in that class. here it isCollapse )
but then she got her come-up-ins (i think theres an actual correct spelling of that word/term) and one day told us that she had to go for a few weeks. when she said that someone asked why and she answered, "oh, dont worry about it sweety." replace sweety with some other cutesy word if you want cause i cant remember if that was she said but anyways this lead us all to believe that she had like cancer or was dying or something, and so i felt bad that i had such animosity towards her. but it turns out that she let her teaching credentials expire and went back to school to get them! now that sucked, cos there was some other class that had a harsh teacher to prepare them for the ap test while we had a non-helpful jerkface who taught us nothing then left us. since this was an ap class a lot of rich white kids were in the class and complained about it to the adminstrators and she was not allowed to come back, she probably thought she could get away with it. also luckily we had a sub that i feel bad for forgetting her name, ill ask vicente, who basically did a crash course for us to learn how to bs the test, which i put her in full responsibilty as my teacher for that year and helping me pass the multiple choice part of the ap test enough to get a 3 (passing) on the final test. but still if i had an actual techer like my senior ap lit. teacher mrs. westphal was, maybe i could have gotten a 4 or better on the test and wouldnt have to take eng 1 and or 3 at LBCC now.
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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
1:58 am
oh yeah, maeve and i are going to see a silver mt. zion, or whatever their new name is now, and im so fucking stoked.
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